Release Update - 9 January 2023

New and Improved

What we added:

  • Added the function to use Category pricing in the Dispensing Sheet (Beta)

The Following reports have been added

  • Added a report for multiple locations stock take


  • Fixed the error with pricelist not syncing

  • Fixed the error where the Pricelist Name does not update when the pricelist is updated

  • Fixed an error where SMS's to the wrong patient. 

  • Fixed the error where the lens type does not get added when there is new products created by Industry Pricelists

  • Added a scheduler to the automated pricelist syncing so it does not take up all the server resources if there are a lot of changes

  • Fixed the "Amount Due" button on the lite versions

  • Fixed the issue where the invoice date does not change unless the server restarts 

  • Reworked the entire SMS module to ensure that patients does not received multiple SMS reminders within minutes due to API malfunctions

  • Fixed the issue for SMS's being sent for past appointments

  • Fixed the Day-End date that does not change unless server has been restarted 

  • Fixed the Daily Move report where you can use the date and time and not the time

  • Fixed the Daily Move Report where it referenced all stock moves from all companies

  • Changed the permissions the pricelist fields, so that they can only be changed if the Invoice is in draft state