Release Update - 29 January 2023

New and Improved

What we added:

  • Added a export for Patient Data to excel, with their balances, for a instance with records.

  • Added a search view inside Contacts to search for the contacts Medical aid number.

  • Added the Tray number on the Job Card

  • Added the Company field in the list view of Products


  • When attempting to upgrade the Partner Activity Statement module, an error occurred.

  • Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to export Meeting Subjects from the appointment list view.

  • Fixed a bug in which if a barcode had 8 or 13 characters, it would generate a random number for the last character.

  • Fixed the warning that prevents you from billing a company if the medical aid details are not entered.

  • The no update tags for demo data that cause internal server errors have been removed.

  • The issue of accessing patient data if an incorrect date format was entered has been resolved.

  • Fixed the SMSs that were sent out at 2 a.m. by adding a Timeslot setting under Settings / SMS.

  • More SMS changes were made to ensure that the data entered by the client, rather than the template, is sent on mass SMS's.

  • On Multi-Company instances, the SMS is not sent if they change the stage of a Job to a stage with an automatic SMS.

  • Fixed the error that occurred when attempting to install the Barcode module.

  • Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to update a custom pricelist from a user-defined pricelist.

  • The issue with exam dates and invoice dates remaining on the last restart date has been resolved.

  • The error where the pricelist descriptions do not update has been corrected.

  • On a multi-company instance, the error of being unable to open "System Pricelist Items" has been fixed.

  • On a Multi-company instance, an invoice could not be generated because the Optometrists user was not logged in to the same company.