Release Update - 12 March 2023

New and Improved

What we added:

  • We have ensured that when doing a credit note, the owner details copy over from the invoice.
  • We added a warning on Cash Sales, to ensure that the item cannot be invoiced out if it does not have stock
  • (BETA) You can now submit PPN claim directly from Humint, if you find that some information is still required please do log a ticket.
  • We have finalized the creation of Products from the SAOA file. It will now also populate the Barcode and internal reference with the SAOA code, ensuring you can always find the product.


  • We have fixed the "Patient number and Account Number" code to ensure that the patient number does not use the next sequence from the Account number
  • We have fixed where the Virtual bank function hid all the accounts instead of just hiding the one marked to be hidden.
  • (BETA) We have fixed the issue where the Credit note does not automatically validate if a reversal is done.
  • We have fixed the error where a Credit Note is done, the delivery order removes more stock than putting it back.
  • We have also fixed the error where if you do a vendor credit note, it puts the item back into stock. Instead of removing it.