Release Update - 12 February 2023

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New and Improved

What we added:

  • (BETA) We have added an Account Lock Date feature, so that customers do not invoice out anything in the previous month, but you will have to learn how to use it. 

  • A tray number has been added to the job card 

  • We added the function where by if there is a new code on the optical assistant and it does not exist on the system, it will be created on your product list, but under the archived products
  • We added automated the lens type routine, so all the correct lenses should be in the correct lens type category now. 


  • We removed the delete button on examinations, but not to worry, the archive button is still there, so if you don't want to see it rather press that.

  • We added a few more codes to the PPN Crosswalk so it should even be more accurate now.

  • The issue is now resolved on Enterprise instances where you cannot view the partner activity statement if you have virtual bank turned on.

  • We sped up the appointment roster view booking so that it does not take forever to save the patient.

  • We changed the Syncing process of the Pricelist so that it will only sync the active pricelist, allowing more resources for the users.

  • We also added a popup on the pricelists, that asks if you want to sync the pricelist as soon as the price list has been unarchived.

  • We also added a button to sync the pricelist if it is active. (For eg. if you have unarchived a whole labs product and you want to sync the pricelist with the products) 

  • We have also added an action underneath the products to allow you to sync the product to the pricelist, so the system will search through all of the price lists for the product's SAOA code and then add the price to the product

  • We fixed the locale issue where the appointment reminders go out 2 hours later than intended. 

  • We fixed the claim button to be only visible when the claim: Has not been submitted yet or when it has been rejected. 

  • Fixed the error where the Daily Move report gives a forbidden error on multi-site instances.